The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
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Friday Phillies Card Blogging

With the news that Thome's career is apparently over after just three too-short years, I thought today's Friday's Phillies Blogging should honor him and the excitement he brought back to Philly when the Phillies landed him at the end of 2002.

2004 Topps #695, South Philly Sluggers

This picture was taken during the closing ceremonies after the last game was played at The Vet in 2003. At that moment, it really seemed that some sort of torch had been passed from Schmidt to Thome, and if you told me Thome would be traded away after just two more seasons I would have suggested that you take a dive over the railing of the upper deck while you still had a chance before the demolition of the stadium. Sad to see him go, but I do think that given the situation the team suddenly found themselves in with the emergence of Ryan Howard, they did what was best.

Historical note: The last time the franchise found themselves in a roughly analogous situation, it was Richie Ashburn who made reigning NL batting champion Harry "The Hat" Walker superfluous to the team. It would've been nice to make him the subject of today's Friday Phillies Card Blogging entry, but sadly there are no baseball cards depicting and designating him as a Phillie.

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