The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Semi-Mini Rant for the Day

(Cross-posted from Facebook for ease of future reference.)

I feel this needs to be said: pointing out the parallels between Trump's statements and actions since he announced his candidacy with Hitler's during the early stages of his career -- at least when I'm doing it -- is not implying that Trump is espousing genocide or will turn into a genocidal maniac. Nor am I suggesting that Trump is as "bad" as Hitler. It is just noting the very authoritarian, anti-democratic, and divisive ways they wielded and consolidated their political power. The fact that such a parallel exists should be concerning to everyone because of what it means for the future of our own political system. Although it is certainly in need of serious repair, it isn't broken. It can be fixed if we don't let Trump continue us down the path he has staked out thus far.

Yes, any comparison to Hitler and the Nazi's raise to power is going to be emotionally-laden because of the Holocaust. However, we cannot use Godwin's Law as a means to ignore valid comparisons of Trump's actions to how the Nazi Party undermined democracy and ultimately dismantled it. There's a reason why never the phrase "never forget" exists: we cannot let our own sociopolitical biases and prejudices blind us when our political leaders start taking a path that in the past has led to the ruination of a nation and a perpetual stain on its soul.

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