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Our Thanksgiving Holiday

Our Thanksgiving holiday got off to an incredibly rocky start. Without getting into all the gorey details, early Wednesday afternoon what little financial stability the Moose household had (real and imagined) was treated like the victim of a mafia hit. So, with the holiday period now underway, Mrs. Moose and I are clamping down on discretionary spending as much as possible and meticulously tracking every expense for the next few weeks so we can get a better handle on what type of budget we can realistically construct and abide by.

We're celebrating this profound shift in our finances by going to a BNL concert tonight -- but at least we can say that the tickets were bought over a month ago and it has no bearing on coming to grips with our cash flow issues.

In the meantime, we did end up doing most of our Thanksgiving as we had planned. We got together with Mrs. Moose's family up in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving, and after returning to the homestead Friday morning to deal with some of repercussions of our new financial nightmare, we then drove up to Atlantic City to visit my father and sister. While there, we got the unexecpted surprise of finding out David Akers of the Eagles was signing at a local mall. Mrs. Moose, my sister and I all received early Christmas gifts from my dad, who paid for the items to be signed and for the cost of the autograph. While Akers was signing my Eagles mini-helmet, I mentioned to him that I've torn my calf muscle twice and that I completely felt his pain when he tore his hamstring on the field a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I can be such a freakin' dork sometimes.

We returned home Saturday night and timed the trip so that we did most of our driving while Tank slept (we did the same thing on Friday night when driving up to AC). We were a little surprised by the amount of traffic on I-95 at that time, but I guess more people are now absolutely refusing to travel on the Sunday after Thanksgiving if they can avoid it.

After all the thrills and travel from the previous four days, we decided to have a really low key day yesterday and recover. Our ersatz evergreen will remain in the closet until this Saturday, when we hope to have finally decided upon what to do with all of Tank's stuff that currently resides where we would normally put the tree.
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