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I'm sorry to see Billy Wagner go to the Mets, but the Phillies absolutely did the right thing by not even attempting to match the number of years offered by the Mets. I'm glad to see that they learned their lesson after the contracts they gave Bell and Lieberthal. I want the team to do everything possible to win, but in as sane a matter as possible.

I don't know what to make of today's New York Post article that has the BoSox and Phillies talking about an Abreu-for-Ramirez swap. I'd make it in heartbeat, and use some of the salary saved on Thome's contract to pay the difference in taking on Ramirez over Abreu. However, many of the stats geeks over on the Baseball Primer blog seem to think that it's a really bad idea for the Phils.

Last Phillies thought for the day: someone please, please explain to me how Gary DiSarcina got on this year's HOF ballot but Mickey Morandini was left off. Neither of them really merit any sort of HOF discussion (sorry groovypq), but I don't think any knowledgeable baseball fan would say that DiSarcina was more Hall worthy than Morandini.

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