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The thing I hate most about being an EA: everybody on your team views your desk as a supply cabinet when you're not around. Hey, butt-munchers, how would you like it if I pulled a Grinch and started taking shit off of your desk when you're not around?

Initially lost in my fanboy overload of typing about the BNL concert earlier this week was a comment or two about the opening act: The LeeVees. At this moment, I'd have to classify them as a novelty act, but as an unknown opening act, they were incredible. I don't know which song I liked best, "Goyim Friends" or "Applesauce Vs. Sourcream," but either way I plan to get their debut album, Hanukkah Rocks when we get past our money cruch.

Speaking of which, it's a good thing Mrs. Moose and I are both dieting/trying to lose weight right now. Our finances are literally so tight that by our next paychecks we'll have to start sucking the marrow out the cliched bones we're cutting so close to. Thankfully, there's a huge honkin' light at the end of this tunnel--assorted bonuses and other temporary flows of cash will arrive at the middle of the month--but at the moment any unexpected financial hit will send us careening headlong into the side of the tunnel. As it is, we're fighting to prevent a wild careen off to either side.

While the exercise regimen going well, using my lunch hour to workout has put a massive dent in my available time for reading and on other work on Some Fantastic. If it was just me, it'd be just as good a reason as any other to cancel some of our cable services. However, Tank loves Noggin and it's only available on the extended tier of channels on digital cable.

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