The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Oh, Tannenbaum!

Yesterday, we finally put up the Christmas tree. Because Tank's overflowing toychest is literally taking over the living room, we needed to move some furniture around to make space for the tree. We did this during his afternoon nap, so he was surprised to see the changes that happened while he slept. Unfortunately, he wasn't as excited or pleasantly surprised as we would've liked, but overall he loved the decorated tree with all it's lights and ornaments, a couple of which he helped put on the tree.

To help Tank get into the holiday spirit, we put the Baby Einstein Baby Santa DVD. Unfortunately, portions of the disc actually scared Tank, so we replaced it with a Wiggles DVD and his mood markedly improved. Unfortunately, it wasn't a Christmas DVD as we don't own yet either of the ones that the Wiggles have released.

While he was sleeping and we were getting the decorations out, I mentioned to Mrs. Moose how much I loved the fact that we don't care which tradition our holiday music comes from. In particular, the large number of Hanukkah songs that we have in our music collection. Back during that dark period in college where I experimented with fundamentalist Christianity (some experiment with sex and drugs in college, but I experimented with religion -- so figure), openly playing and enjoying anything religious and non-Christian was practically unthinkable, and I can't imagine willfully ignoring other wonderful music for such a closed-minded reason.

By the way, I really do wish I could tell the fundies here in the US that people such as me are not trying to dilute or completely secularize the meaning of Christmas. We're just acknowledging and enjoying some of the other wonderful traditions that occur at this time of the year. I wish these people would really just get a fucking grip and celebrate Christmas the why they want to in their own churches and homes, using that tree which was originally a symbol from a Northern European pagan faith.

But I digress.

Even with our recent financial issues, Mrs. Moose and I both acknowledged yesterday that we have very little to complain about, and that in fact we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. We're looking forward to celebrating it together and with as many of our friends and family as possible over the upcoming weeks.

Now, I need to somehow create/find a proper Moose-themed holiday user pic.

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