The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
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The EA Diaries

One of these days, I'm going to write the executive assistant equivalent to the The Nanny Diaries. Today's incident involves copier toner.

Long story made (relatively) short: one of the people on my team, in an effort to change the toner himself, spills toner everywhere, including the inside of the machine. It's made my job to make sure the mess gets cleaned up. A few minutes later, another member of my team comes to me and asks me to fix a paper jam because he doesn't want to get toner all over his hands. As he says this, he actually holds his hands up to me so that I can see how pristine they are. I guess this means it's my mess -- after all, I'm just a lowly admin and he's a freakin' Senior Associate.

What I want to say to him is, "What type of pussy are you? Toner washes off your hands rather easily." Instead I'm left trying to fix the jam, which despite the machine's instructions I cannot find thus leading me to believe that all the toner inside has literally gummed up the works.

But it gets better. After putting in a call to the company we have a service contract with, they insist that I've given them an invalid machine ID and could I please recheck it and tell them the make, model and manufacturer serial number for the machine. I don't have a clue where the manufacturer ID is, and the machine is too heavy to move myself to get around to the back to look for it. Clearly, I can't count on Mr. Pristine Hands to help me move it so I can find it, so I just sent them back an email giving the information I could.

That's where things stand now -- I'm off to lunch and will update this saga later today.

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