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Friday Phillies Card Blogging

For a couple of different reasons, I didn't do a Phillies baseball card post last week. I've decided that I still wish to make the post I had planned for that date, so this week's post is about the former Phillie who was slighted when he didn't make the HOF ballot but Gary DiSarcina did: Mickey Morandini.

1993 Score #512, Triple Play For One

As far as I know, this is the only card commemorating Morandini's unassisted triple play that uses a picture from the actual event. What I find most interesting about the photo is the player sharing it with Morandini: future HOFer Barry Bonds. Just take a look at how thin he was back in September of 1992. He looks like he has just about the same build as Morandini himself.

Another noteworthy fact concerning so many of Morandini's early Phillies card is that many of them showed him in action making some sort of play around second base. A disproportionte amount of the time, a member of the Pirates -- usually Jay Bell for some inexplicable reason -- was in the photo with him.

Anyway, he may never make the Hall, but he has his place in baseball history as one of handful of men to make an unassisted triple play, as a one-time All Star, and as one of the top second basemen in Phillies history. Okay, that last accomplishment might be faint praise given the team's history, but he made his mark in the game nonetheless.

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