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The LJ Year in Review

Here's my edition of the LJ Year In Review meme, where you post the first line of your first entry (not including quizzes and memes, quotes and lyrics, etc.) for each month this year. January through July are from the old LJ page:

January: Have today off from work.

February: Just like this time last year, Apple iTunes and Pepsi are teaming up again for a free iTunes song promotion.

March: I'm facing a bit of a conundrum when it comes to the job hunt: what exactly am I looking for?

April: Boy, those lawmakers in North Dakota really must have nothing constructive to do.

May: We got some bad news over the weekend.

June: Looking back at entries for the past couple years, I'm developing a pattern of going into LJ hibernation at this time of year.

July: Thursday night I played a couple more games for Alphabet Accounting & Consulting's (AAC) men's softball team.

August: You have to love it when a senior fellow at the Cato Institute writes an article stating that Bush is no conservative and that he should apologize for all the mistakes in the war in Iraq.

September: In honor of President Bush's advice after the 9/11 attacks, which while tragic, shocking and heart-wrenching did not have even one-quarter the potential to wreck havoc on the national economy the way Katrina has (or kill as many people, I'm willing to bet), may I be the first to suggest that everybody go shopping.

October: Two things in particular to discuss from this weekend; first up, the Phillies yesterday.

November: Sometimes, I really believe that the world that many conservatives inhabit is so far divorced from reality, reason and sanity that they must be living on an alternate Earth that somehow exists in the same material plane as the one I inhabit.

December: I'm a little surprised, given that I only made to the gym twice this past week.

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