The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

The Last 40 Hours or So

Still no word from the claims adjuster on the status of the Neon, but I will know late today or early Monday. Until that's known, there's no point in trying to make a decision about what to do. We made a few guesses at what our possible options, but at this time they're nothing more than guesses.

Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped the stress or worrying. In fact, last night's hive attack was one of the worst I've ever suffered. Normally, when the warning signs (redness and itching spreading all over my body) of an impending attack begin to show, it takes me a 5-10 minutes to figure how bad it's going to be and how much Benedryl I should take to keep the worst of it under control. However, last night's came on with such speed and ferocity that I knew before the first hive appeared that this would be a bad one. Sure enough, it took the maximum dose of Benedryl nearly an hour to begin containing the attack. Even now -- 14 hours later -- much of my body is noticeably splotchy.

Ironically, yesterday at lunch time I purposely went off diet and tried to indulge in some of my favorite comfort foods as a way of trying to reduce my stress levels. Obviously, it had little impact.

Anyway, the Neon is at a body shop waiting for the adjuster to arrive, and I have a rental being paid for out of the state's Uninsured Motorist Fund, which the accident qualifies for thanks to the fact that the person who hit my car is unknown. Coincidentally, my rental is a 2005 Neon (mine was a 2001), and driving it is making me feel like I've been transported into an alternate reality. It's my car, but it isn't -- the little differences make driving it somewhat surreal.

Finally I want to thank everyone who commented on my post describing the accident. I was rather distracted yesterday and I didn't get the opportunity to respond to everyone. However, your kind words were very appreciated.

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