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Ups and Downs

Yesterday we decided to take Tank up to Mt. Airy to see his grandma and great-grandma. While there we found out that it was the last day of a local fireman's carnival, which sounded like something we thought he would enjoy, so after dinner off he went. He had a blast. He rode the ferris wheel and merry-go-round twice, and at least five other rides designed for small children. We were there a full hour past his bedtime, but he showed no signs of fatigue -- he was that torqued! We all had a great time, until it was nearly time to go.

It was then that my inner klutz once again took control of my body and added on to pre-existing injury.

While Tank was disembarking from his last ride, I decided to hobble over to him as quickly as possible. At that moment, a screw holding one of my crutches together popped out, causing it to collapse and sending me flying. I should note here that I was aware for most of the evening that the wingnut meant to hold it in place was gone, and had therefore acted cautiously. Anyway, it happened at the edge of an asphalt walkway, and I virtually ripped a couple layers of skin off of the middle toe of the foot in the splint. Additionally, I jammed the two bigger toes on the foot. They're both still sore and swollen -- possibly broken, I'll find out when I go to my previously scheduled orthopedic appointment tomorrow.

Although I got a script for Vicodin when I tore the calf muscle, I didn't fill it because it looked like that ibuprofen was enough to handle the pain. However, the pain in my toes right now is far worse, and I'm considering filling it today after all.

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