The Talking Moose (thetalkingmoose) wrote,
The Talking Moose

Weekly Weigh-In

Weekly Loss/Gain: -2.2
Total loss: -17.4
Lbs. from final goal: 34.6

Last week I wrote, "The key for me this week is not letting the stress over the Neon situation get to me so much that I feel the need to load up on my comfort foods." Well, that key was discarded into the murky depths of the Anacostia River about three hours after I wrote that sentence. However, the one (and possibly only) positive thing that came out of all that stress was that it sent my metabolism through the roof, so that when I did get the food intake back under control Sunday afternoon, I was still (obviously) in great position to take off a couple pounds through normal diet and exercise routine for the rest of the week.

Given everything I've gone through over the past four-to-five weeks, I feel pretty confident that I'll continue to progress through Christmas without a major blip in the weight loss. There's no way I make 210 by the end of the year (nor did I ever hope or plan to reach it that fast -- in fact, that was my original goal weight for my birthday in March), but it does make a nice, round number and I think that will probably mark the first point that I start feeling good about my weight and overall health again.

Coincidentally, I weighed myself on this day last year as well and posted about it in the old LJ page. In that post I was excited because I made it back below the 200 lb. mark. That was also the last time my weight was that low. So, although I am down 17.4 since I got serious again six weeks ago, I'm exactly 15 lbs. heavier than on this date last year. I'm not depressed or upset about that fact -- I'm just trying to keep everything in perspective.

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