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Bullet Point Mania

I've been relatively quiet the last few days, and there are a number of things I want to write about -- none of them as deeply as I have the time for. Therefore, it's time for another bullet-point rundown.

  • The last couple days my morning commute has been an absolute joy. In fact, traffic on I-395 was so light this morning that you would have thought that today was a holiday. Unfortunately, evening rush hour was a nightmare yesterday and I'm expecting tonight to be more of the same.
  • Unfortunately, Mrs. Moose and I haven't yet purchased [insert your favorite name for this time of the year here] cards to send to all our friends and family. We still hope to get that out, but unfortunately they'll have to arrive sometime between Christmas and New Year's. In addition, we haven't gotten Tank to see Santa yet as the sight of Mr. Claus has scared him the few times he has seen him from beyond the ropes, and we're not 100% sure we will get a picture of Tank with St. Nick this year. We also haven't
    gotten out annual family portrait taken nor have we done most of our Christmas shopping. Blech.
  • Another small piece of good news came out of finding out who was responsible for totalling my car. My insurance will continue the reconciliation process and just try to get the money back from his insurance. Furthermore, now that there is someone responsible (other than the etherial "unknown, uninsured motorist"), there's no more deduction, which means $200 more toward a replacement for the Neon.
  • Speaking of which, we're leaning toward trying to find a beater with the insurance money and running it into the ground with the hope that it lasts a couple years. Actually, given my former monthly car payment, if the beater lasts six months we break even financially. Getting two years out of a beater -- which might be possible given how low my annual mileage has been over the last two years -- would mean that by the end of 2007 we'll be in better shape financially than we projected back before all this happened.
  • By the way, the person who wrote that "Christmas Shoes" song should have a couple shoes jammed up his ass. I don't think I hate any other song a passionately as I hate that one. Any radio program director responsible for letting this song air should be forced to listen to it nonstop each holiday season until he leaves the industry. The people at CBS who greenlighted the TV show based on the song should be forced to watch nothing but reruns of Manimal until they all gouge their own eyes out.
  • I'd like to thank those who already got me their reviews for the next issue of SF. Of course, I still haven't finished any of the reviews I hoped to have in time for the next issue, nor have I finished my promised review to NYRSF. I'm hoping to make serious dents in all those projects during the upcoming Holiday week. Unfortunately, it's not a full Holiday -- my group has some projects that are due to the client during the week and my help will be needed to get the materials out the door. But it's not a total loss of my time -- any time I spend working during the week I get back as vacation time I can use whenever I need it.
  • I'd also like to applaud all those who waited until now to put out their "Best of 2005" lists. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing someone come out with a best of the year list at the beginning of November.
  • Just as reminder to any family members or friends thinking about holiday gifts for me: I have an Amazon Wish List. (No, I don't have any pride -- why do you ask?)

Finally... some political ranting

  • Saddam Hussein is claiming he's been tortured in capitivity and that the Americans are lying in their denials over the matter. This is yet another consequence of the Abu Ghraib scandal and the stories about American CIA torture camps in Eastern Europe: we have no credibility in these matters anymore. I'm not saying that Hussein is being unjustly treated -- however, given what this country has done over the past few years, there's no reason for anyone to believe our word over his.
  • Along those lines, Bush has committed an impeachable offense, and beyond the usual apathy we're seeing from a great portion of the American public, we actually have Americans defending and applauding his actions. I've been of the opinion that this country is tottering on the edge of falling into a faux republic, and while I initially claimed after the 2004 elections that America was on probation for the next four years, the 2006 elections may in fact be the last chance I give this country. I love the basic ideals of what America has historically stood for and the rights given every American citizen in the Constitution, but the country I love is disappearing and I don't want to live in a country that is so openly hostile to all the things I hold dear.

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