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Intellectual Consistency

You have to love it when a senior fellow at the Cato Institute writes an article stating that Bush is no conservative and that he should apologize for all the mistakes in the war in Iraq. The best comes right at the very end:

The Republican-controlled Congress is unwilling to hold him accountable. Even longtime conservative activists have been largely quiet. Other than a few courageous souls at small publications such as the American Conservative and Chronicles, most conservatives have said nothing publicly. They apparently hate the Democrats too much or fear the loss of power too greatly to break ranks.

Political apologies tend to be cheap, exacted only under duress and offered to quell criticism rather than to right a wrong. But as Republicans busily demand public repentance from their adversaries, they should look in the mirror -- the president most of all.

Much of what the Cato Institute stands for really bothers me, but I am glad to see that at least one of its senior fellows is not willing to put party-line loyalty over what is best for the country.

How long before someone suggests he hates America?

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