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The Moose Pit

And if you want to find me, I'll be out in the sandbox...

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The Talking Moose
24 March 1972
Part fiction, part truth, part well-reasoned commentary, and part psychotic ramblings, these are the unfiltered thoughts of a white, middle class dad fumbling through marriage and life with stepkids and who believes that the religious right (and by definition much of the leadership of today's Republican Party) is made up of a bunch of utter asshats who shouldn't have a say in modern-day America. However, I believe enough in the Bill of Rights and personal liberties that I will defend their right to spew whatever line of hatred they wish to wrongly justify with their twisted reading of the Bible -- so long as they do not act upon those horrid rationalizations.

Seriously though, I mostly write about my family, what's going on in my life, and outside of that, the things that interest me most: Philadelphia sports, baseball, science fiction (both SF and sci-fi), the music I love, and probably a little more politics than any self-professed conservative Republican will like. I one day hope to resume a life living in the Philadelphia area -- my adopted hometown and the one area in the world I am emotionally connected to.

Dramatis personae:

  • TeenLitGirl: the love of my life, spouse, and the person who makes things go
  • Tank/Manchild: my son, who by the age of 13 was already taller than me
  • Other pseudonymous individuals to be added as necessary

Legalese: All opinions expressed on posts are solely my own, except where I give appropriate credit or publicly disavow them at a later date. Preliminary studies suggest repeated reading of my opinions may cause brain damage or gastrointestinal distress, but then again, the people conducting those studies are the same ones who insist there's no evidence that global warming is really happening.
80s pop, aclu, apple computers, bad movies, barenaked ladies, baseball, baseball cards, baseball memorabilia, battlestar galactica, ben folds, ben folds five, bill hicks, bill maher, black adder, books, bowling for soup, british comedy, bruce springsteen, chaucer, cheesy movies, civil rights, classic video games, cognitive dissonance, comedy, connie willis, daily show, dan simmons, discovery channel, doctor who, doonesbury, douglas adams, eddie izzard, falsifying statistics, firefly, fountains of wayne, geekdom, hard cider, harlan ellison, harry potter, hayseed dixie, history, history channel, hitchiker's guide, irony, isaac asimov, james morrow, janeane garofalo, jason mraz, john lennon, john scalzi, kevin smith films, language, lewis black, liberal arts, liberalism, lord of the rings, macs, master of orion, mcdonald's, medieval history, medieval literature, michael swanwick, monty python, mst3k, mythbusters, new jersey, nickel creek, nyrsf, parodies, philadelphia, philadelphia eagles, philadelphia phillies, political cartoons, politics, populism, reading, red dwarf, robert charles wilson, roller coasters, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, secular humanism, sf, shakespeare, social issues, some fantastic, south park, speculative fiction, spike jones, star trek, strategy games, suzanne vega, the beatles, the critic, the daily show, the foremen, the muppets, the onion, the simpsons, the soup, the tick, this modern world, tim burton films, tom tomorrow, used book shops, used cd shops, wawa, weird al

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